Mercedes AMG’s new hypercar with an F1 engine.

Earlier this summer,we heard a rumor that Mercedes would build a 1000 horsepower hypercar for its earlier Formula 1 success.The confirmation from Mercedes hasn’t yet arrived,but some reports confirm that these reports are indeed true.As we said an extremely high level source confirms that this rumor is indeed true,and the AMG hypercar will indeed reach production,and it also promises F1 tech.

Reports state that the AMG hypercar will house a carbon fiber monoque and use gullwing doors and about the power,promises are that Mercedes will try to reach for a one to one power to weight ratio.The power is thought to be provided by a 700 horsepower V6 turbocharged engine with the help of 3 electric motors.Reports also say that the car will use bio-metric driver control system.This tech debuted in the Maybach 6 concept car,which means that the car will be able to read the drivers physical inputs in real time,and set the cars various system to tailor the drivers experience.Next year in the AMG’s 50th birthday,a hypercar will be the perfect way to celebrate.We sure hope we see this concept to life anytime soon.