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If you’re an engine freak then this is your type of thing! This time explaining Ferrari 488 GTB turbocharged V8 in a 3d animation.

The twin-turbo 3.9 liter V8, in both the GTB and in the Spider is a masterpiece of engineering, no one can deny that.

I mean 661 horsepower is more than just fun. While even though turbocharged, Ferrari shows the lengths they went to ensure that the engine is as responsive, as the natural aspirated V8 in the 458 Italia was. Customers all around the world have enjoyed the 488 turbocharged engine, and almost all of them say that the turbo lag is almost unnoticeable, but the sound of the V8 just isn’t the same. To be honest with you, these complaints at the end of the day are thrown out the window, because whatever people say, the 488GTB is still spectacular.

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Ferrari 488 GTB turbocharged V8

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