There is not one person in the world that hasn’t played GTA,and like in GTA this is a real life situation.

We have seen car trailers on the high way, and we have all thought of doing what we used to do in GTA, which was jump over the car trailer, but this is real life and of course our conciseness advises us not to do it, but we are not the same, not all people think the same. We are saying this sarcastically because as you can see from the video below it was clearly in accident, no one would be that stupid to actually attempt a GTA stunt in real life. Anyway, the accident happened in Kansas, and it looks like the 41 year old driver Greg Harris is not in Kansas anymore, but in the hospital receiving the medical treatment. It’s videos like this that make us more aware, makes us drive safer. So please put the seat belt on and stop playing GTA, and get some sleep if you have a road trip tomorrow, for Christ sake.