Earlier this summer, a rumor was out that BMW is working on a better, lighter, faster, version of the M2.

As you will see on the video below, a mildly camouflaged M2 has been spotted on the nurburgring, and our guesses are that this is a higher performance M2, than the previous version. The car is definitely sitting on larger wheels, and the bumpers look different too. Another guess is that BMW might be using the M2 to test different components, for different future cars but that’s unlikely. The M2 GTS or CSL or whatever it might be called, will use carbon fiber body parts to reduce the weight, and the horsepower will most likely be higher than the previous version, 400 horses maybe? We like this better version of the M2 and given by the stats it might have, the new M2 will be even more desirable than it is.