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This is a highly modified 2.5 liter Mercury Marine V6, that was used in the formula class to power a racing boat.

Talking about the sound, this engine sounds like nothing on earth but at almost 11.000 rpm, it can only be described as industrial and we think that this is the same engine that hot rodders used, in their cars before.

Judging from the noise it makes and some research, this engine generates almost 400 hp, and coming from a naturally aspirated 6 cylinder, is not too bad although not too crazy for a two stroke engine. Boats that were powered by these engines were extremely fast, and they would do a 0-60 run in just 2 seconds or less and would tap out at 155 mph, and keep in mind that these aren’t drag boats. The water world just keeps impressing us more and more by the day, as we discover crazier boats and the most extreme engines that were built for the water vehicles.

Mercury Marine V6

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