Watch how this guy builds an electric go-kart on a budget maybe you can do it too.

When we were kids there was nothing cooler than going for a go-kart race with your friends. But the coolest thing would be building your own go-kart, and having it on your garage, so you could take it for a fun ride every time you would want. This is exactly what Adrian Georgescu and Masoud Johnson have done. Both of them are engineering students, and they build the electric go-kart with nothing much then just everyday components.

They first planned the electric motor output would be around 3kw, but they we’re unable to find anything that fit their budget. So the duo created one out of an old Subaru alternator. For the rest of the project, the duo used an electric scooter’s three-phase motor controller, three LiPo battery packs, a trio of Arduino Pro Minis, and an Arduino Mega.


The Arduinos are tasked with throttle control, speed sensing, RPM measurement, and transmitting the data over to a virtual dashboard on an Android app. To finish off the build, the students reupholstered the seat, painted the chassis red and black, and threw on 60 LEDs. You can see the end result in action below, as the e-kart reaches a top speed of roughly 33mph (53km/h).


electric go kart