The axial vector engine is composed of pistons that are positioned around the output shaft.

The piston`s axes are situated together with the crankshaft, while the Z-crank alludes to the form of the crankshaft! This engine has many advantages indeed. The cylindrical offers different compression ratios while the engine is running and is very compact.

The traditional connecting rod has a small-end bearing which is very problematic in a traditional engines. With the axial vector engine this problem has been eliminated. So in other words what we have here is an engine that has no valves, has no exhausts, use no air and no heating whatsoever.
Because of this, the axial vector doesn`t need a cooling system. An amazing fact about this engine is that it’s not powered by hydrocarbon fuels so it doesn`t produce combustion! The engine has absolutely ZERO emissions! This engine is completely sealed off, and it can work in outer space and underwater as well! Too good to be true right. However this is an amazing and very promising concept so watch the video to have an idea of this concept.