This 1600HP TwinTurbo Buggy Hydroplaning is the crazies thing you’ll see today.

We have seen drag cars with over 1500 horsepower, we have seen boats with crazy horsepower and crazy customization, but this off-road buggy that has 1600 horsepower and a twin turbo set up, floats on water for a good 1001 feet, which also happens to be a new world record.

That’s correct, Gudbjørn Grimsson which is the driver of the vehicle, broke the world record in an extreme Formula Off-road race, on a 1001 feet lake in Iceland. From what we know the engine on the buggy is a twin turbo Nelson Racing engine, that makes 1600 horsepower, and the speed the buggy was traveling while crossing the lake was 87 km/h. Judging by the video we think that the buggy would’ve gone much further than 1001 feet, but what do you guys think? Does this video take the crown as the craziest thing you have seen in the off-road racing?

Buggy Hydroplaning