Watch how Tesla’s new autonomous program works

We have seen pretty amazing things from Tesla over the past years, and we have seen some incidents too, but it looks like Tesla’s full autonomous program, can now be trusted with their latest update to the program.

The guy seating in front of the car is there for legal purposes only, and the car is fully driving itself as you will see from the video below, and the driver’s hands aren’t even under the steering wheel this time. In this video, Tesla is tasked with stopping in front of pedestrians, avoiding parked cars and also handling tricky intersections. After the car stops and the guy gets out of the vehicle, Tesla shows how the updated auto pilot system, is able of finding a parking spot and parallel parking the car itself. The new update made by Tesla is bonkers, and we can’t wait to see more from it. We are sure moving to the future in fast steps, but it seems like Tesla is moving faster than anybody else.