Watch this Corvette C7 ZO6 smoke a Dodge Hellcat and an SRT Viper.

Unlike other street races that we have seen, this one is all American baby, pure American Muscle sound and race.

At first, we have the battle between the two Hellcats. After doing a couple of runs, it was more than clear that the Hellcat Challenger was much faster than the Hellcat Charger. So it was time to put the Green monster, in a race with the C7 ZO6. Even though the Challenger did pretty good with the Charger, it was no match for the C7 Corvette. The Corvette is simply fast and quick, and after pressing that gas pedal it just goes and goes, leaving the Hellcat with out a chance to even see the license plate, Corvette C7 ZO6 smoke it. Next up we have the main event of the show, SRT Viper versus the Corvette C7 ZO6. These are two of the fastest vehicles America has ever produced. Not everybody loves the Viper, and the same thing happens with the Vette, what we are trying to say is that both of the cars have different fans. Some like the way the Corvette drives, and some other are fascinated with the Viper, but there can only be one winner, so watch the video below and enjoy that Murica sound, as all cars are bone stock.

Corvette C7 ZO6 smoke