The BAC Mono is faster than a P1 GTR on track.

This is one of the most surprising things we have seen today, no joke.

Some consider the P1 GTR on track a God that no other car can beat, but this BAC Mono kicked its ass on Anglesey. The P1 GTR weighs around 3300 lbs, and it has a 986 horsepower twin turbo V8 Hybrid drivetrain, wrapped in a carbon fiber body that generates 1455 lbs of downforce at 150 mph. Anglesey though, is a tricky track that contains a lot of sharp turns, and not to many straights, so the car lacks its straight road advantage and its downforce, which makes it pretty easy for the BAC Mono to take the lead. The BAC Mono weighs just 1278 lbs dry, and this huge weight difference is what gives the Mono the upper hand in this track. It has an 2.5 liter engine that is naturally aspirated and makes 300 horsepower, it has a driving position that seats in the middle of the car, and get this, the Mono’s tires come form Kumho. So even though the P1 GTR has the stickiest Pirelli tires, it’s still no match fore the BAC Mono, even though the BAC comes in the most base street tires.

P1 GTR on track