The mighty 1360HP Koenigsegg One is the megacar that everybody wants.

Petrolheads are not crazy about it just for the looks, they are hypnotized by its performance. As the car has shown itself to be a true monster on the track, and on public roads also. The one:1 is pretty much self explanatory.

The purpose of the car was that it should weigh just as much horsepower as the car would produce, and Koenigsegg achieved that successfully and it became the first car to do that. What’s even more amazing about the car, is that Koenigsegg produces every single part of it except from the tires. It’s a lot of work, but then again it takes 5000 man hours to build one. Its one of the most amazing cars ever made and one of the rarest, as there were only 6 build plus the Koenigsegg prototype.

1360HP Koenigsegg One