This is one of those love stories that make you grow old with it, and this is what happened to Jay Leno, literally.

He has waited all his life to drive a Ferrari F40, and well it looks like his wish finally came true. Even though the Ferrari F40 is a classic car, which was produced from the 1987-1992, it still has a killer look and sound which is much loved and wanted even today. The F40 is like wine, the older it gets the better it tastes, and everyone can appreciate a fine wine. The taste and the age isn’t all in this car, as the ageing has caused for a massive increase In price also. An F40 would cost you $500.000 a few years ago, but if you would want to get one now, triple that price and maybe, if you’re lucky you got yourself a deal. The F40 is a stunning car indeed, with only 1311 models ever produced, this car is surely a rear gem to find and even harder to keep. Even though a bit “old”, the 2.9 liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine makes even todays car feel week and quite. The noise and the power that’s unleashed from the 500 horsepower monster, is incomparable to any other cars or even modern Ferraris that are produced this day forward.