It’s ridiculous how just a look, can change so many things into someone’s life.

This is the case of Jurgen Clauss. While he was out on a ride one day, he spotted the Alpine-Renault 110s, and that was love at first sight. After troubling his mind for a while, he decided to be the owner of an AlpineLAB, which restores A110s to a completely original spec. For the people that don’t know what the A110 was, here’s a bit of a background and what you need to know about the car. The A110, was known as a giant killer. They say that it was basically a piece of fiberglass wrapped with a variety of four cylinders Renault engines. Even though it looked fragile and kind of weak on the outside, the A110 would dominate in competitions. The car has its own unique shape and it’s rather little, it really looks like an old school race car. Just by seeing it, and hearing Clauss talk about the car and his history he has with it, I can understand his passion and his bond with the car.