With the coming of the Hurricane Mathew, enthusiast all over Florida began to pull all kind of strings, to get their cars safe. Some tuck them in their garages, some even rented out sturdy storage spaces to keep them safe from the tropical storm, but this isn’t the case of Randy, or as his Instagram name says Jalilsup.

He took things at a whole other level. Instead of doing the same as other people did, he decided that the best shelter his car needed was his own home. Yes, he literally drove his car inside his house. Might seem like crazy to some people, but this is definitely what I would’ve done. Not only you get to spend more private time with your car, but you also get to eat romantic meals with her, just like Jalilsup did. After the Hurricane passed by and all was clear, he got the car back in the front lawn, although having your car parked inside your house is cool, it takes a lot of space. Even though the Hurricane passed, not a lot of people were as lucky as some, as the Hurricane did leave a lot of damages and a lot of cars were destroyed.

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