Aston Martin & Redbull Hypercar AM-RB 001 is here and ready to smash records

Red Bull and Aston Martin are ready to launch the Hyperca that will challenge Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti, McLaren and Pagani. The Aston Martin AM-RB001, is the result of an unprecedented partnership between Aston and the British Formula 1 team, which is born under the great strategist of aerodynamics, Adrian Newey.

Until a few months ago it could have been a simple prototype, but now is more than certain that the hyper car will be produced in limited series of 175 pieces, and the first official pictures begin have been revealed by the creator, Newey. These numbers have stunned admires and also the competitors. This baby will rocket from 0 to 320 km / h and stop in just 15 seconds, just think that the Bugatti Veyron SuperSport takes 22 seconds to touch 300 per hour and then stop. To touch the 320 km / h with a 10 “while cornering you can tap the 4G of sideways force, like a Formula 1 car.

This kind of power will be given to the track version, and there will be only 25 copies, for the road version we’re talking about no more than 150 ‘pieces’. According to the first rumors, a similar aerodynamic capacity will be possible thanks to the ducts that pass through the bottom of the car, making it unnecessary for the adoption of a wing to the rear. Still the engine of the Aston Martin & Redbull Hypercar has not been revealed , although a V12 aspirated centrally located engine as you can imagine will be capable of delivering 1000 hp or so, while the dry weight should be somewhere not more than 1000 kg, for a relationship weight / power within the value of 1: 1.

The special assembly line at the plant in Gaydon, is the same set for the first hyper car of the British House, the Aston Martin One-77. The debut on the Aston Martin & Redbull Hypercar AM 001 -B market is expected by 2018, and will have a price of 2.7 million euro. LaFerrari, McLaren P1, the Porsche 918 Spyder are meant to be dispossessed in terms of speed.

Aston Martin & Redbull Hypercar