Oil is one of the most important components in an engine. Without oil, all of the engine components wouldn’t run smoothly. Oil is what lubes the crankshaft, the pistons, the bearings, the gears, literally everything, that’s why oil is so important for an engine to run properly.

I mean it’s more than obvious, if pieces of metal are going to rub together, they need some sort of lubrication, and that’s why oil is there. Oil also plays a major role in cleaning the engine. Oil is what takes all the “junk” inside of the engine, and takes it away from the moving parts by dissolving it, and another function that oil has, is that it keeps the engine cool, by transferring the heat around the engine. Now imagine an engine without oil, how much do you think it will last? This video will show you how much it takes for a car to run without a single drop of oil in it. Always check your engine oil guys, especially if it’s been quite some time since you last did, oil is very important.