Parking fines, we fight with ourselves everyday not to get one,and yet, there are some people that would rather get fined than leave their car in a parking lot.

Well technically this isn’t any type of car. We’re talking about a Rose Gold Lamborghini Aventador which costs about £340.000.

The owner says its cheaper to get a parking fine and have the car in front of your eyes, rather than leave it in a parking lot, and having it damaged by other drivers or other people that envy it, and damage it on purpose. Taking it from his perspective, he’s more than right. He also says that the car can be damaged going up a ramp, because the car is very low and very wide. Sport and exotic cars always have these kind o problems, that’s why the government has to think about everything when building a car lot, or a car park. Damaging a Rose Gold Lambo can cost you dearly. Aesthetically speaking, the price of fixing it starts from at least £1000, so a £35 ticket is always better than the higher number.

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