Someone drove a Nissan GTR to Mount Everest

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Is it possible to drive a Nissan GTR to Mount Everest base camp? Looks like this guy did.

It sounds unreal and it also looks unreal, but there are photos that prove that this owner, really drove his Nissan GT-R 17.000 feet above sea level.

Kah Chuan Hoong, drove his Nissan GT-R from Singapore to mainland China, to go to Tibet, and then the real challenge began. Hoong had to get himself and his GT-R through all the mud, the dirt, and the difficult roads and all the mountain passes to get to Everest base camp. As you see from the pictures, the car has been lifted a bit, and it also features a smaller front bumper. Hoong made it to took his Nissan GTR to Mount Everest Base Camp on Monday, and he took some pictures to prove that he actually made it there, and he’s been posting pictures in Facebook from the start of the trip. Now Hoong is going to drive back to Singapore, and he has to drive through China, Malaysia and Thailand. Amazing what the GT-R is Capable of and how reliable it is. This car really needs no commercial, as it shows everyone with proof what it’s capable of. Amazing trip in a car that has no limits. The Spirit of Godzilla lives on.

Nissan GTR to Mount Everest

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