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Tesla crash and lands on Mercedes in bizarre crash

What you see in this video is just the aftermath of what happened. The witnesses describe it as something out of a movie. Tesla just flew out of the bushes they said, and landed in the Mercedes, and later crashed in the Smart dealership as you will see.

We reckon this is one of those autopilot crashes, and if this really is the case, the guy in the Tesla completely deserves it. You are required as a driver in the car for a reason, you are in the driving position for a purpose, don’t just leave the car in autopilot and start texting, what if there were people that got hurt instead of cars, I mean, do people even think about consequences now days, or did their brain shut off. If you don’t plan on driving your car, get a chauffeur, he will save your life, and the life of others, and judging by the looks of things, a lot of money in damage, and lawsuits.

Tesla crash

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