How Koenigsegg test crash their cars.

Koenigsegg is know for its fast, rare and expensive cars, but since they are so expensive, how do they crash test them? Do they build a new one after each crash test? The answer to all of these questions would be NO. Christian Von Koenigsegg, is know not only for its cars, but also for the technology that he incorporates in his cars.

He’s a smart businessman and as a smart businessman, you have to be as much conservative as possible, in order for your business to blossom, while cutting down the costs. Each and every penny counts, and we’re not saying this because expensive were spared in the Regera, oh no no no, we’re saying this for the special Koenigsegg test crash, that the Koenigsegg cars go through. It is rather special, as other manufacturers build a new car, for a new crash test, Koenigsegg instead rebuilds the car that went through the test. They have one specific car that has been purposely built, so the monocoque won’t be damaged, and all they need to rebuild after the test, are the body pannels and some other less critical parts. This way, Koenigsegg has cut down costs, being that the cars are expensive, and they’ve cut down building time too, for the next Koenigsegg test crash. In this video, Christian also gives us a look at one neat feature that the Regera has, which is the electrical exhaust, which is used for the electrical coolers. He explains that no smoke will be coming out of the electrical exhaust, but during the cold seasons, some hot smoking air might come out of it. Anyway, be sure to check the video below as it is a treat.

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Koenigsegg test crash