Bugatti Chiron crash: How 1500HP of excellence can become horrific.

It hasn’t been long since the Bugatti Chiron birth and well, it looks like this model has died a bit young.

It has been out since February actually, and we have seen it only in special appearances, like in the Geneva Auto Show, on Youtube, but it has been rarely spotted in public. Now despite for its looks, the Chiron is also a very luxurious car, equipped with a demonic 8 liter 16 cylinder quad turbo engine, that produces 1500 horsepower and 1180 lb-ft of torque. It has killer looks we can’t get over that, but as you see from pic below, it has killer power too, so you have to be careful while stepping that gas pedal, as things can go wrong faster than you have ever imagined. From the pic we can see that the front bumper has taken all the damage, and that might be it but we don’t know the full story. The damage looks minor, so it must be cheap to fix, and by cheap we mean more of a $200.000 repair cost. Might sound expensive to us, but for a car that costs $2.7 million at sticker price, another 200K to bring the car back like brand new, is nothing. When the pic first came out no one believed it, but when the German magazine Bill reached out to Bugatti a for comment, spokeswoman Manuela Hohne responded: “The driver was unfortunately a little inattentive, which is why the car landed in the road ditch. Fortunately nobody was hurt.” Anyway, no one got hurt except for the Chiron, who will be fine after a couple of repairs and a large bag full of Benjamin’s.

Bugatti Chiron crash