Car thief gets stuck while BMW remotely locks him inside the car making police job easier.

Before I start explaining how all this happened I want to take a second and say:
“Dear thieves, we now live in the future and everything is connected to something, so please, start looking for another profession as stealing cars isn’t what is used to be anymore.”

Now all this started in Seattle where a car thief spotted a BMW 550i with key inside, and thought he had won the lottery, instead, the car turned into a nightmare for this unlucky thief when it locked him inside the car, forcing him to stay there till the police came and arrested Car thief. According to SPD blog on their website, the BMW owner had just gotten married the previous day and loaned the car to a friend. He found out that his car was stolen around 5 a.m. last Wednesday, and he called the cops. The Blog also says: Officers contacted BMW corporate, which was able to track the vehicle to the 2100 block of NE 63rd Street. When officers pulled up on the block around 5:45 AM, they found the BMW parked in an alley, still running, with a man asleep in the driver’s seat. … Officers roused the suspect, who quickly, but unsuccessfully, tried to drive away. Police arrested the 38-year-old man, and found he was carrying a small amount of methamphetamine.