Road rage is widely known in the driving community, if you have no information about it you can look it up on you tube. Unlike other road rages, this one degenerated in gun shots.

This incident took place in Dekalb County, Georgia, the guy, who was driving a Ford Mustang, fired several shots toward a yellow Corvette, driven by 44-year-old Angelina Christiano.

The reason behind this incident was because the driver of the Mustang, drove close to Christiano’s vehicle in the center lane of the highway. Police says, she then motioned the driver to pass her and at this point, he shot at her several times, striking her in her back, and causing her to lose control of her yellow Corvette. At the time of the incident, she was in the vehicle with her 22-year-old son and according to the police, Christiano is in serious-critical condition. The driver of the Mustang is still on the loose and hasn’t been located, but police is working hard on finding witnesses with information that can help them in capturing the Mustang driver.