The famous Amuse Carbon R R34 GT-R is for sale.

The famous Amuse Carbon R R34 GT-R is for sale.

For those of you that don’t know Amuse, they are an after market tuning company and they have created a lot of amazing vehicles through out the years, but they really out did their selves with the Carbon R R34 GT-R.

First of all, the stock body pieces were taken off and they were replaced by dry carbon fiber parts that have seriously reduced the cars weight, and since were at the weight section, Amuse has also turned the CARBON R R34 into a FR car by taking out its 4WD components, and some parts of the engine were shaved off in order to reduce weight, and FR means front engine rear wheel drive layout, if you were confused a second ago. So they have reduced almost 900 pounds with all the mods done to it, but don’t think that it ends here cause we’re just getting started. The heart of the R34 hasn’t been drastically tuned as some of you might expect. The RB26DETT still retains its original displacement, but two GT-RS turbines were mounted in the engine, for a total output of 520 horsepower and most suspension components were untouched, not to disturb the manufacturer designed suspension geometry. So why are we telling you all these stuff? Well for starters the Amuse Carbon R R34 GT-R is for sale and it has probably been sold by now, so yeah that’s a pity, but anyway hope we see it on a track someday cause that’s one hell of a performance. I mean 520 horses with 900 pounds less, man it must kill the track and also here’s some info on the after market parts:

Amuse Carbon R:
Engine & Drivetrain
N1 pistons
HKS stage 1 cams (IN264/EX256)
GT-RS Turbine x2
ARC intercooler, radiator
ARC oil cooler
ARC custom titanium suction pipe
ARC front pipe
ARC megaphone muffler
HKS F-Con Vpro + Amuse Hi-Tech ROM
Blitz D-SBC
disabled 4WD -> FR config
HKS GD-MAX clutch
ATS carbon LSD, 4.1 final gear

Suspension & Brakes
Bilstein damper Amuse special (F:12kg R:8kg)
Endless CC-R

Wheels & Tires
Rays GT-C (F/R:11J +2 offset)
Yokohama Advan A048 (F/R:265/35-18)

Amuse spl dry carbon body
Amuse Version II GT wing
Lexan windows.

Amuse Carbon R