This 650 Horsepower Skyline R34 GT-R destroys everyone on the drag strip.

This Midnight Purple Skyline is not only a beautiful thing to watch, it is also a real monster that packs 650 horses under the hood. It might not look much, as we are used of seeing GT-R’s get moded up to the roof, but 650 is more than enough to smoke everybody on this drag strip. It is of course a single turbo as that’s the way to go if you’re aiming for big horsepower and crazy acceleration. There are no blow off valves installed on the car and even though the GT-R is AWD it is hard keeping this bad boy in a straight line when accelerating.

Other mods also include:
3.5″ dump pipe with 3.5″ tomei catback
Garret T04Z turbo with .84 rear housing
28psi 647hp with haltech platinum pro.

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Skyline R34