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This E46 M3 driver did his best to avoid crashing but unfortunately he couldn’t.

The Nurburgring can be a scary place if you’re about to crash, and from what we have seen, a lot of people have the tendency to do that while on the Nur.

Some crashes might not come from their lack of skills, but rather from the stopwatch on their car, just like the guy you’re about to see on the video. We get it, you’re trying to lap the Nordschleife faster than your previous lap, but for god sake can’t you at least put the stopwatch somewhere else and not in front of your face. The only thing it does to you is pressure, and if you look at it every second the pressure becomes bigger and you completely lose focus and end up crashing. While laping the Nurburgring might be important, your life and your car are more important than the time you set, so be careful guys, there are more important things than risking your life for a 10th of a second faster.

E46 M3 driver

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