The Bugatti Veyron might have been the king of the street before, but Godzilla has rightfully claimed that title ages ago, and we have them here again to prove to everybody, that nothing can defeat the almighty Godzilla.

The Veyron might have 987 horses abd a W16 quad-turbo 8 liter engine, but the GT-R has been tuned to 1038 horses, which is almost double of it’s initial power.

We have seen an R35 beating a Bugatti before and we have also seen an R34 Skyline beat a Bugatti Veyron in a 1 mile drag race, but here things work a bit differently. The race takes place on the street and the start isn’t stationary as other drag races, so that’s an advantage for the Veyron, but don’t think that Godzilla gets scared that easy. Watch and enjoy as the GT-R leaves the Veyron in dust.