Millionaire’s Son loses tragically crashes with a parked car while speeding, causing the death of 4 people in Porsche crash

This is probably one of the most shocking accidents I have ever seen. The footage shows clearly how the car where the 24 year old George Vakakis, and his friend, Andreas Georgakopoulos, where traveling with their Porsche until the car lost control and crashed with a parked car, containing a 33-year-old mother and her young child, who were tragically killed too.

That brings a total of 4 lives lost in the tragic accident which was caused from exeeding the speed limit. Son of Greek Millionaire and retail tycoon Apostolos Vakakis, George had always been considered the future heir to his father’s empire. Vakakis Jr had been taking a break from his studies in the United States, to come back to Greece and visit his family. George’s Facebook account has been memorialized, but no tributes are currently visible and the Vakakis family have not yet made any comment on the incident. Speeding is one of the biggest causes of fatal road traffic accidents, and it’s worth remembering that even travelling a few miles per hour over the limit can be the difference between life and death. We know we always talk about speed and the feeling that it gives you, but it’s better for everybody if you leave the racing for the appropriate environment and not on the open road, because as you see, bad things can happen to you and to other people. Drive safe.