We rag on the Sunshine State quite a bit because it seems to be America’s capital for bath salt-induced vehicular mayhem and other forms of bizarre criminal behavior. But the dedicated public servants in the Florida Legislature have just done a really good turn: they’ve criminalized slow driving.

AOL Autos reports that Florida lawmakers have just passed a bill that makes it illegal to drive slowly in the left lane. If you are caught driving 10 mph under the speed limit in the fast lane, you could face a $60 fine under what’s being called the “road rage bill.”

It’s not a law yet, as Gov. Rick Scott has to sign it. But why wouldn’t he? There are few things more irritating than a slow driver who won’t get out of the way of quicker traffic. Slower cars need to stay out of the left lane and that’s all there is to it.

If it is signed into law, I just hope that the state pushes an aggressive public awareness campaign to make sure drivers actually know about it. You know, posters and literature at places where Floridians are known to frequent, like methadone clinics or sex offender registration sites.

I kid! I kid. You’re alright, Florida. You scare the hell out of me sometimes, but you’re alright today.


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  1. Chris

    actually its been my experience that most of the offenders of driving slow in the inside lane are tourists and snowbirds, so maybe they should post the literature at liquor stores and pharmacies.

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