1938 Mormon Meteor III

12 cyl. 750 HP 1570 cubic inch 3 speed transmission
This record setting endurance race car built by Ab Jenkins and Augie Duesenberg in Indianapolis in 1937, set many international speed records.  Such as, 161.180 MPH for 24 hours and 148.970 MPH for 41:42:09 hours.  It still holds thirteen speed endurance records.  All these records were set on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah.


1904 Peerless Green Dragon

4 cyl. 60 HP 4 speed transmission
This car was owned and driven by Barney Oldfield to many National and International speed records, beating world-renowned drivers with bigger engined cars.


1904 Pope Toledo Race Car

4 cyl. 30 HP 3 speed transmission
This car is an original style Vanderbilt Cup Racer.  It also ran on Daytona Beach.


1907 Renault Vanderbilt Racer

4 cyl. 45 HP 4 speed transmission
This car was one of ten made especially for William K. Vanderbilt and several of his friends.  It  was in the famous Rockefeller, Waterman and Harrah Collections over the years and is only one of five left.


1911 Mercer 35 R Raceabout

4 cyl. 58 HP 3 speed transmission
The Mercer Raceabout is the ultimate early sports racing car.  This authentic Raceabout was extremely original, found in the barn in the 1950’s, and restored perfectly with all of its original parts. This car has been in several distinguished collections, including the Ottis Chandler Collection. Mercers were known for their speed, finishing third in the 1912 Indy 500, and second in the 1913 Indy 500.


1912 Hudson Mile-a-Minute Speedster

4 cyl. 33 HP 3 speed transmission.
This car is one of two original Mile-a-Minute known to exist.  The car was guaranteed by the factory to do 60 MPH when it was new. This car was made famous by racing against freight trains at high speeds.


1914 Marmon 41 Speedster

6 cyl. 70 HP 3 speed transmission 
This car was discovered by James Melton, the opera star, in the early 1950’s.  It was later owned by Brooks Stevens, designer of the Studebaker Hawk and Excalibur



1915  Stutz Weightman Racer

4 cyl. 100 HP B-16 Wisconson Engine
This car was commissioned by millionaire William Weightmen lll.  The car won the three 1916 Thanksgiving Day races at Washington DC’s Benning Track, beating the famous Kline Specials.


1916  Stutz Bearcat

4 cyl. 60 HP 3 speed transmission
This Stutz Bearcat was found in Cuba in the early 1980’s. It was displayed in the Luis Vuitton Concourse in Paris. Stutz’s were known for being powerful, fast cars that could be bought from a dealer and taken out and raced that day.


1924 Miller 122/183 Convertible Race Car

8 cyl. 120 HP Supercharged dual overhead cam engine 3 speed transmission
This Miller was built for high speed straight timed runs, achieving 151 mph on the Muroc Dry Lake beds of California in 1924.  This race car was driven by Tommy Milton, the world renowned driver.


1925  Miller Front Drive Race Car

8 cyl. 200 + HP Supercharged Dual Overhead cam engine 3 speed transmission 
This Miller Front Drive #2 is known as the Outboard Brake car.  It competed in 21 Indy 500 races using different body configurations.


1929 Bugatti 35 B Grand Prix Race Car

8 cyl. Supercharged 125 HP 4 speed transmission
This car was owned and driven by French driver Louis Chiron.  It was raced at Le Mans and other major races in Europe, finishing in the top five positions.




1931 Bentley 4 1/2 litre Supercharged Blower

4 cyl. 182 HP 4 speed transmission
This sports racer is one of 50 original Blower Bentley cars built.  These cars finishing first and second, winning the the 1930 Le Mans Classic, beating famous driver Caracciola and his Mercedes


1932 Miller FWD Race Car

4 cyl. 300 HP 255 Miller Offenhauser engine 3 speed transmission
This four-wheel drive racer, thought by many to be the last great Miller, was driven by Mauri Rose to a 4th place finish at Indianapolis in 1936.  It was also used at various hill climbs, such as Pikes Peak and recorded the fastest time at the Mt. Equinox Hill Climb in Vermont in 1950.


1933  Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Monza Spider

8 cyl. 165 HP Supercharged dual overhead cam engine 4 speed transmission
Only 190 8C 2300 Alfa’s were built during the Depression Era. These cars were know for their long distance endurance racing ability.


1951 Allard J2

8 cyl. 300 HP 3 speed transmission
This car was originally owned by Jack Armstrong, “The All American Boy.”  It was raced very successfully at the early Pebble Beach road races against Phil Hill and other great drivers.



1953 Nash-Healy Roadster

6 cyl. 140 HP 3 speed transmission w/overdrive
The Nash motor company sent  drive trains to Donald Healy in England to be put in his car chassis and then sent to Pinin Farina in Italy for streamlined body. They did very well racing, coming in 9th in the Millie Miglia and 4th in the 24 hour Le Mans races  in 1950.


1956 Kuzma Indy Race Car

4 cyl. 400 HP Offy 2 Speed transmission
One of three Kuzmas built for the 1956 Indy 500, finishing number six.  It also finished fifth in the Italian 1958 Race of Two Worlds. It was the DA Lubricants car in ‘56, ‘57, and ‘58 at Indy.



1965 Cobra 427 SC

8 cyl. 425 HP 4 speed transmission
Designed and built by famous race car driver Carrol Shelby.  Cobras were known for their ground-pounding power and speed.  They raced very successfully against all sports and race cars worldwide and are still one of the most sought after sports cars.



1902 Oldsmobile Curved Dash Runabout

1 cyl. 4.5 HP 2 speed transmission
A low-priced car that the public could afford.  It is a good example of a very reliable early American car.



1913 Pope-Hartford Roadster Model 29

6 cyl. 60 HP 4 speed transmission
This car is the last restorations by the famed Harrah Collection. It is one of only four, 6 cyl. Pope-Hartford’s still in existence.


1911 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost Balloon Car

6 cyl. 50 HP 3 speed transmission
This car is bodied in the balloon style, built for the Honorable Charles Rolls, a balloon enthusiast. The large rear deck was designed to carry the basket of his balloon, plus other gear.


1937 Cord 812 Supercharged Speedster

8 cyl. 195 HP 4 speed transmission
These cars were the hit of the 1937 New York Auto Show and were capable of doing 100 plus MPH plus. They were also the first car to have dual shift transmission, for either electric or manual drive.


1954 Mercedes Gullwing 300 SL

6 cyl. 215 HP fuel injected 4 speed transmission

This car, with 28,000 original miles, had two previous owners since new. Similar 300 SLs raced in the Millie Miglia, and were victorious at Le Mans in 1952.  It is recognized by many as the most significant sports car of the 1950’s.



1965 Corvette Sting Ray Convertible

8 cyl. 300 HP Automatic Transmission
This car is the only known white on white factory built example.  It also has a factory fitted 45 RPM record player with isolator cushioning to prevent skipping.


1979 Volkswagen Convertible ‘Beetle’ – Champagne Edition

4 cyl. 54 HP 4 speed transmission
This cute car, with only 85 original miles, was one of the last German built VW’s to come off the assembly line. The Champagne Edition model, white on white, was built in salute to the first Beetles produced in the 1930’s. It is a unique example of affordable and maintenance free transportation.


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