Our Barn Find today comes from Attabiq Bhatti who found this 1925 Cadillac V63 Coach at an annual show held by Steve Plunkett. The show was held by Steve who is a proud ower of more than 35 Cadillac’s and 7 V16 engine cars. Amazingly, the car has ashes from pre-world war 2 in the ashtray

This is definitely one of those rare Cadillac’s that one would find stored somewhere and the fact that it has archeological evidence in it such as the pre-world war 2 ash, makes it even more unique. The V-63 was a continuation of the 1924 line and was introduced in October of 1924. The car was built in eight custom body variants; customers were allowed to choose between 24 colors and 10 interiors. The car had both 2 door and 4 door styles, with capacity seating of 2, 4, 5 and seven persons.

The powerhouse featured an iron block V8 engine with over 80bhp where its valve lifters were rockers with roller cam follower working on mechanical lifters. The transmission system featured a 3 speed selective sliding gear. During that time, the car had a price range of $3,100 to $5000 depending in the customizations. Today, if your lucky to find one, the prices play around the $70,000 bracket!


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