The M3 Sedans and M4 Coupe and convertible models manufactured between May and September 2015 are being recalled due to an issue with the slip-joint integrated in the driveshaft, which was not filled with grease at the time of assembly.

According to the press release by BMW, owners will be notified, and should their vehicle have a defective slip-joint, the driveshaft will be inspected and replaced if necessary, free of charge.
The vehicles presenting this issue are reported to have a loss of power, and increased risk of crashing due to the slip-joint failure causing a sudden stop.
A clunking noise and sudden loss of power are indicators of your car having this issue, should this happen, take your car to an authorized BMW center.

According to the FAQ pdf released by BMW, about 42 vehicles in the United States are affected.
Even with this issue, the recalled vehicles were deemed still safe to drive.
In January 8th recalls for the 2015-216 M3, 2015-2016 M4 Coupe, and 2015-2016 M4 Convertible will begin.
For more detailed information the FAQ PDF is available HERE.