The boxer has sold his Ferrari Enzo to add a Koenigsegg CCX-R to his amazing collection of cars.

The former Mayweather-owned Ferrari was reportedly sold for 3.2 million Dollars, and has already been bought at an auction, for an astonishing 3.3 million dollars.
This rise in the value of the iconic ride from Maranello has been a thing since the past year, in fact, the last Enzo ever produced, with chassis number 400, was recently sold at the mind boggling price of 6.05 million dollars.

The Ferrari Enzo will undoubtedly become a future classic, akin to the current status of the 250 GTO Berlinetta from the sixties, reaching meteoric prices within decades.
As for Mr. Money himself, he will be enjoying a taste of Swedish engineering mastery, from the hands of innovation champions: Koenigsegg.

Here’s a collection of his cars