More often than not, we are told that muscle cars can’t corner, and that, American cars are only good for straight roads, except this 1973 Camaro.

Such claims often come from the most uninformed people on the internet, the ones that don’t care much about driving, and only see a car by the numbers. You know who I’m talking about.
While it’s true that muscle cars were never made with super nimble handling as a priority, there is not a car in this world that cannot be modified to perform better in any manner of motorsport.

This is the case for the second generation Camaro blasting through a tight autocross track in this video.
With some suspension mods, proper tires, and a skilled driver behind the wheel, this proves once again that American cars can corner, and ever powerslide while the surging roar of a V8 brings a smile to the spectators.
If there is one thing Muscle cars will always do, it’s help us gearheads push our limits beyond the numbers that some believe to define a car.

1973 Camaro autocross