Silvia, 240sx, S14, and the obligatory AE86, those are the Japanese classics that regularly make up the drift scene, slaying tires while going sideways though the local racetrack. How about a Fox body Mustang?

In the tire smoke wonderland of drift, you would think you need one of these imported sports cars to start your journey into the art of going sideways.

You’d be wrong.

The fox body mustang, popular amongst American enthusiasts of Drag Racing is also a very capable car to start drifting.
With its light weight, a 302 V8 powering the rear wheels through a five speed gearbox, it’s the ideal car for the drifters of the USA, widely available at low prices, with aftermarket support for each and every conceivable build.

The bubble shaped 80’s hatchback, an early notchback model, or a boxy 91 Mustang; there is a world of possibilities.
After some minor bolt on modifications on the Fox body Mustang, such as an aftermarket exhaust and A/C delete, you can get the differential welded, or buy a Limited Slip Diff.

After a bit of work, and some practice at the track, you can have the time of your life, in an All American Drift Mustang.