jdm yoo 2

Japan have never dissapointed the World for building great cars! More than 50% of Japan’s hot hatches and coupes are legends! Like, the Corolla AE86, S13 Silvia, Spoon Civic, the Spoon Integra R, or the Skyline. People call them rice sometimes. In fact they may not very very fast cars, but they offer a lot more for the category than their compeditors. They also have a soul and a feeling that no other cars in the Word has. They are different from everything else in the market, especialy the 90′-00′ ones.
Some crazy japanese racing drivers took a few of these amazing vehicles for a spin on the famous Tsukuba race track. Don’t think that there are real purists or real petrolheads that don’t feel jealous.
Check out the video!

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