Car people throw the term ‘sleeper’ around left-right-and-center, but every so often we come across a car that is the embodiment of the term ‘sleeper’.

I present to you a 1972 Chevrolet Nova. Those of you who didn’t grow up in 1970’s American, let me give you some background. A Chevy Nova then was the equivalent of a Honda Civic. They were cheap and sensible: your older brother owned a Nova, maybe you had an uncle who had one. Today a Nova would catch attention with its old-school muscle car profile, but at the time they were, well, dull. However, beneath the fading green paint, surface rust and cracking interior lies a twin-supercharged LS2 v8 that pushes 1160hp to fat rear tires.
It has a discrete roll cage, runs 9-second quarter miles and even has a hidden parachute, but when the owner takes it to car meets, unassuming people often question why he even bothered to bring it. This my friends, is a sleeper, and it’s amazing.