If classic car ownership is what you’re interested in, then perhaps you should look elsewhere…This piece focuses on a BMW 2002 from 1969 that has been painted a very strange two-tone combination of olive green and brown, which does nothing to hide the huge flared wheel arches.
The car’s interior has been stripped out, literally, and what is left can only be called minimalist – it’s not eye catching in any way, but you won’t have time to check out the hole where the dash was supposed to be, because this car packs a 5.0-liter V8 engine from a Ford Mustang that breathes out through matte-white side pipes!

It gets a limited-slip differential and all the hydraulic systems work with the new power plant (brakes and steering), so it sounds like a pretty well-rounded package. However, you will have to get over the frankly ugly combination of colors (which in our book, should warrant a total re-spray) and the missing interior, for those times when you’re not going that quickly.

It doesn’t even come with a headliner, but the seller on eBay is willing to “have one installed” at customers’ request. Still, the nice Recaro seats do give it a slight lift, are period correct and it is specified that animals did die for their creation – it’s real leather.

Regardless of what this particular car is like, putting a V8 from a Mustang in a BMW is not a bad idea at all…

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