The BMW V10 sound you don’t want to miss.

BMW has made a lot beautiful cars over the past years, and not just beautiful, but also capable of performing stunts and tricks that only tuned cars can.

Another thing that BMW is known for, is the characteristic noise their engines make, and even though this beast screams in a whole other level, it still breaths BMW, so a part of it’s achievement goes to BMW. This E46 that you’re about to see in the video, belongs to Luke Fink, which is the king of Desert Drift Championship in UAE. Even though the car has an E46 cabin, that doesn’t mean that the engine is from the E46.

Fink swapped the engine, and the car runs on BMW S85 V10, and the sound it makes is just pure ear bruttality. Oh and did we mention that it shoots flames like crazy?

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BMW V10 sound