Imagine for a moment, if you will, the year is 1965. The 24 Hours of Le Mans race is about to take place and amongst a field of Ford GT40s, Ferrari 250s and a whole host of other iconic racers, a new face arrives; Koenigsegg. That’s right, a Koenigsegg. In 1965.

Of course, in ’65, Koenigsegg wasn’t actually around (in fact, founder Christian Von Koenigsegg wasn’t even born until 1971). But, if this Koenigsegg Ghost racecar concept by Hungarian designer Tamas Jakus is any indication, it would have made for one stunning piece of racing history.

Like classic Le Mans Fords and Ferraris of the day, the Ghost concept comes with a full racing livery, including racing stripes and numbering. The ride is all tied together with design cues from modern-day Koenigsegg’s like the Agera and CCR.

If the Swedes had a time machine, we’d love to see them go back in time and put this princess on the race track.


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