A gallery of the world’s most sought-after collectible cars will make its home in Parker.

The people behind Vehicle Vault, an expansive development that will provide secure storage and display space for some of the rarest and most valuable vehicles ever made, are set to break ground Aug. 23 southwest of Lincoln Avenue and Twenty Mile Road.

Occupying roughly 20 acres, Vehicle Vault will include twelve storage “condos” for collectors of high-end automobiles. They will have the ability to maintain and display their prized collections in a country club-like atmosphere, and have access to concierge services, waterless car washes and transportation for vehicles that can’t be driven.

“If you need a specific part you can’t find, they’ll help you find it,” said Greg Masinton, a public relations representative helping to spread the word about the project. “It’s the culture. It’s being an asset to a community of car owners, but also being engrained in it.”

The cornerstone of Vehicle Vault is a 25,000-square-foot gallery that will showcase a collection of 38 exotic and classic cars owned by co-founders Erin and Daniel Dilley. The interactive and rotating exhibit displays and programs will be “designed to educate, inspire and foster an appreciation for this key element of our past, present and future,” an announcement about the groundbreaking ceremony says.

Erin Dilley’s upbringing was marked by her self-described “obsession” with cars of all kinds. Likewise, Daniel grew up restoring classic cars and drove a 1968 Pontiac GTO as his first car.

Erin Dilley’s father, who sold a company that developed a popular software program used in pharmacies, was always an avid collector, and she and Daniel have amassed their own fleet of beautiful vehicles over the last five years. A few years back, after having trouble finding room to store the collection — ranging from supped-up trucks to an antique horseless carriage to the beefiest of muscle cars — she floated the idea of creating a car museum.

“We all love cars and it keeps us together and bonded,” Erin Dilley said. “It’s an excuse to do what we love.”

Her father offered his guidance, but insisted that the couple build the venture from the ground up themselves. After a year of design work and reviews, the Dilleys approached Parker officials with the idea. Parker Town Council signed off on the project earlier this month.

Erin and Daniel Dilley, who have lived in Parker for five years, “felt strongly that this needed to be in Parker” because of their close connection with the town. A grand opening is tentatively targeted for next June.

The 160,000 square-foot Vehicle Vault campus will be built in three or four phases. It will have approximately 400 parking spaces. Each custom storage condo will be able to fit around eight vehicles.

The gallery will be open to the public five days per week and daily admission will likely be around $10-$12. It will also host car shows and special events. Local car clubs will be invited to gather at Vehicle Vault and use it as a starting point for cruises, for example.

Erin Dilley said she plans to have weekly events, from car shows to private events to charity galas.

“This is the community we love,” she said. “We want to do what we can for schools, scouting troops, at-risk youth, nonprofits… we have a lot of plans.”

For more information, visit www.vehiclevaultco.com or call 720-883-6518.


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