A wealthy Brazilian millionaire decided to bury his Bentley Flying Spur as he believes by doing so he will be able to enjoy the car in afterlife.

62-year-old eccentric businessman “Count Scarpa” got this idea after watching a documentary on Ancient Egypt about the pharaohs of Egypt which he found to be very interesting. He bought the car as new for 310,000 GBP and now has begun digging a huge “grave” in his backyard for the Bentley.

Interestingly, back in 2009 he was in coma for 63 days after a superbug almost killed him following a surgery for stomach reduction. During this difficult period, he was pronounced legally dead twice and received last rites from a priest on both occasions. Following this incident, he became more aware of his mortality which is why we assume he decided to “secure” his afterlife transportation.

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