Singular in feeling with fastback styling, authentic and sensual body silhouette, here’s a flawless jewel, a collector’s piece with gutsy pioneer spirit. Full aluminum bespoke frame and body, tailored leather interior and authentic, skilled craftsmanship meet in hushed eloquence suited to a genteel lifestyle. An enraptured marriage of refinement and sportiness.

ENGINE6.2L Supercharged V8
0-60 TIME3.400
The interior cabin is entirely leather wrapped by hand with tastefully chosen pelts, and delicately highlighted by bright metal accents. A living collection of elegant colors, materials and finishing are developed by our designers in order to fulfill your wildest dreams for your EQUUS BASS770.

We have partnered with established automotive specialists and renowned luxury craftsmen, in order to rig out the EQUUS BASS770 with the most reliable and meticulously designed components.

Muscle car legacy elevated to a new climax of blazing luxury and driving pleasure. Feel the thrill behind the wheel and be transported into the privileged universe of an exceptional GT that redefines coolness. Back of the aluminum Supercharged 640 HP V8 engine, you’ll rev up to a truly modern motoring experience and enjoy the sensual rush and husky buzz of power and freedom. While the very best of american savoir faire assures you confidence and reliability.



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