More than 50 years after it’s end of production the AC Cobra or Shelby Cobra as many know it had lived to be an icon for raw american automotive sport and an idol for american performance cars whatever their class.

Ford attempted to revive the Cobra with a concept in 2004 featuring a 6.4-liter V10 thumping out 605 horsepower, but it never came into fruition production-wise.

Today, Detroit native and industrial design student Daniel Couttolenc emailed Carscoops a new concept he made for a Shelby Cobra of the 21st century, a car that could offer Ford the halo sports car it’s been looking for ever since the death of the GT 40, placing it against the Corvette and even more so, the SRT Viper.

“The project objective is to design a new Shelby Cobra. One that remains true to its racing DNA,” says Couttolenc. “Designed for the current racing enthusiast. The design needs to merge cohesively both; the original Shelby Cobra design cues and Ford´s current design language.”

The design blends the traditional styling elements and shapes of the classic Cobra with Ford’s new philosophy as portrayed in the Evos Concept.

So what do you think of the concept, should Ford build it with the helpy of Shelby American, tell us in the comments below.

Ford-Cobra-2015-1[3] Ford-Cobra-2015-2[3] Ford-Cobra-2015-3[3] Ford-Cobra-2015-4[3] Ford-Cobra-2015-5[3] Ford-Cobra-2015-6[3]

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