‘Snakebit’ 1956 Ford F100 really rocked at Sema show in Las Vegas!
This silver truck was a collaboration between Simmons, his wife Shannon Tweed, and Ford, and its styled to represent another aspect of Ford’s history: the Shelby Mustangs.As you know Ford plays an important role and gives direct results to the performace of muscle cars as well.Probably the most interesting thing to the Shely Mustangs is the 550 HP Ford Racing Supercharged V8 engine that hides under the hood. It is very obvious that numerous modifications were made to give this pickup its new fascinating and wild look.Sure that the wheelbase is lengthened 5 inches, a billet machined floor mimics a wood pattern, and 18 inch front wheels tuck up under the fenders, while 20 inch rear wheels help apply all of the 550 horses to the ground. We must add that the wheel designs were also inspired by the Shelby Mustangs.We think that the 1956 Ford truck and the Shelby mustangs are two of the most iconic vehicles in automotive history!

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