In the same year were revealed two SS454 Chevelles : the 360-horse LS5 and the very authentic (crème de la crème) the best of the best LS6!
And that’s the car that we choose to talk in this article .
Equipped with a solid –lifter cam ,Holley 4 barrel & aluminium intake this LS6 was definitely the end all,all Chevrolet industry –made! Test results differentiate from a best of 13.2 at 106 and 13.44 at 108 with 4-speeds to 13.8 with an automatic.This was in cell stock trim on F70-14 bias-ply tires! With the exception of several of big-block Corvettes and specialty machines, Yenko and Baldwin-Motion pets-like, nothing else with a Bow Tie ever came close in the quarter mile.
After all ,we are so thankful from those guys of America’s Auctions,cause because of them we can spent the whole evening navigating to the most unique car ‘Chevrolet LS6 Chevelle’
Furthermore this awesomeness was at Fort Lauderdale auction
Don’t you agree that this paint scheme is the most wanted of all the time ? We vote Yes!Those black stripes and black vinyl top could never be wrong or out of style,it’s a great combination that points out the great personality that this car has
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