Limits are made to be passed and honestly this could be above and beyond these limits!
Can you believe that American startup promises 2000 hp hypercar ?
A Californian startup known as Trion is creating and constructing a hypercar known as the Nemesis
Nemesis will be one of those cars that will prove how far physics and engineering will allow us to go
Anyways this is a good sign and from now we will be everyday searching about new things that are coming up soon abput this new entry in town!
About the appearance it looks pretty much like a McLaren P1 when it comes to the style and the frame as well.Dont you think so ?
Trion claims that 0-60 will be reached in only 2.8 seconds with a top speed of 280 mph.
The weightless carbon fiber chassis & Inconel Alloy body is combined a twin turbo V8 and make this car capable to produce 2000hp.
More parameters and specifics will be known with time because all this may not be materialized yet
Anyways we do think that this car is a brand new with lots of surprises waiting to be revealed
What do you think ?
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