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Often we have seen stories and people that after many years discover amazing and rare cars in some God forsaken place collecting dust and rust .
It’s pitiful the fact that those impressive and most wanted cars were left away form human eyes such is the story of this Ford GT40
We know that its one of a kind and most wanted in American history for racing cars.
Finally the beauty sleeping GT40 received her rescue kiss from a car collector named Thomas Shaughnessy ,who is planning a repair project for this unique car.
We often called this car unique because having a P/1067 chassis was one of its kind produced and sold in ’67 sporting a MK II rear clamshell and just 1 of 3 cars known to have that particular rear.
Anyways ,since this impressive and beautiful car has been uncovered ,now it can be a part of a complete restoration with original factory features !
To be honest we can not wait to see this car performing in the street ,it would let us speechless
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