John Stout which is the owner of this amazing and beautiful car ,owned this ’69 Chevy Camaro when he was only 16 -years old.We could not imagine how lucky he was in his early teenage years having this goodie as his daily driver!
He transformed his car and worked on it for nine years ,so the result was A HELL OUT OF A WORK!
John set Corbeau CR1 seats with pump-up bladders & floor mounted transmission/gauge cluster.
The first thing that he did was the subframe ,adding QA1 12way adjustable shocks and four-houndred pound coilover springs
After that he mini tubbed the rear ,cutting it 3 inches to fit the 17×11 Corvette ZR1 rims & 17×9.5s and the Michelin Pilot Sports as well
The exterior is very shiny , simple and beautiful ! He applied PPG hue into the black pearl SS strips and rear quarter panel gills.He also airbrushed LS7 emblems! As you may notice the details and everything is treated well thanks to a giant work of John.
But this work didn’t finish here,He installed new sheetmetal at the front clip .
Furthermore the quarter panels, the doors and the billet vents were also supplied.
The aluminum suspension parts and the engine brackets are coated with powder .The heart of this car,the engine, is capable to produce 675 horsepower and it has a bigger cam,vlave springs & retainers, tweaked computer system as well as ARP engine bolts.
What could you want more and what can we say more, the exterior is just as cool as the interior!
This ’69 Chevy Camaro is definitely a pure muscle.
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Photos courtesy of: http://www.superchevy.com/




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